In With the New: An Old Samsonite Contains the Keys to a Treasure

Who would have known that such an unassuming bag would unearth keys to a treasure? Days gone by, after marriage and motherhood, I pulled out the faded black carry-on, buried beneath slippers and stationary stock, that had once been my constant companion. Last seen, I transported my jewellery box when we moved almost two years ago, and hadn’t touched it since. My jewellery box contains pieces from my youth and old keepsakes, no longer worn. I didn’t intentionally send myself on a sentimental journey, my husband was wondering about the chain he used to wear that was kept on our old dresser, and figured it had been tucked into the jewellery box for the move. Lo and behold, there it was, but the real find was the myriad of items revealed once with the box out of the case. Keys to a flood of memories.

A dark blue lighter with Iberostar Dominicana printed in white on the side, the once trusty fire starter reduced to releasing a powdery puff when flicked. An odd assortment of change from around the world concealed in the folds of fabric and netting.  A small bag tucked deep into the side section with a pink razor, two nail files, iron pills, tweezers, toe clippers, a hair tie, a miniature bottle of Vicks VapoRub, and a strange factory sealed bag containing what appears to be papery pink underwear.  I don’t know what I’d planned for that particular little getaway, but it doesn’t sound like anything I’d like to be involved in now. Tickets stubs from Jersey Boys and Evil Dead: The Musical. A pen from the Pickle Barrel and a receipt from B√Ęton Rouge for $123.25. One Sun Globe lime green eye cover, and finally, one Air Transat double pronged headphone jack adapter (do they even use those anymore?)

Vagabond's Pocket Change
Vagabond's Pocket Change

This trusty old Samsonite was my travelling partner in days gone by. I always kept essential items inside, ready for a quick pack attack before heading out the door. So in the habit of saving it, ready to go, for “proper” trips, that I’d never considered it in the recent years where my feet tend to tread on hiking trails and my hotel stays are mainly one night getaways. I found myself swinging it over my shoulder earlier this evening, remembering when its weight on my shoulder came with the security of knowing I carried with me all I needed in the world. There is so much about those days that I remember fondly, but my current travel style dovetails nicely with my infinitely more structured life, and I’m often bewildered at how happy I am with that fact. Regardless, the old girl deserves better than a dusty corner of the closet, it’s time for a reunion with the outside world.

As for the items, some keepsakes have found new homes, but for the most part? Out with the old, in with the new. The May long weekend is fast approaching—the unofficial kickoff to summer 2012—so I’ll be packing up and hitting the road. Sunscreen and floss will replace Sun Globes and lighters, and I’m certain my son will sneak in a few Transformers, once his own travel backpack is busting at the seam, but the coins? They can stay. Who knows where we may end up? After all, wanderlust has no cure.