As Holly Golightly once sangthere's such a lot of world to see. A line that flings our thoughts to faraway lands and adventures unknown...but adventure is a crazy cool cat who cannot be contained.   Adventure is everywhere.  Although it's certainly to be had hiking the trails of RĂ©union, it's also found when you run across a trio of saxophonists playing on the beach 20 minutes away in late summer. Or when you go for a run and discover the disused cracked concrete guardrails along the side of the trail have been decorated with an intriguing infinity symbol. Or when you pull off the main road to go for a walk halfway home and discover a path over the ravine that leads to an L-shaped, neon-lit strip of bustling restaurants you'd never have seen through the trees from the road. 2 km away. 20,000 km away. There's a story in every adventure and an adventure in every story.