3 Things to do Outdoors in Southern(ish) Ontario Before the Snow Melts

Spring is only a day away and the tilt of the earth has given us back the sun, but until the temperature falls in line and decides to cooperate, cycling along the trails, warm breeze rushing past your bare arms remains a distant dream. A watched thermometer never rises so here’s a few distractions to while away the hours of winter’s dying gasp.

1. Cycling on slippery city streets is an activity for only the most confident pedal-pushers. If you’re one of them, you have my admiration, but for those of us waiting for the mercury to climb a little higher before getting our spring bike maintenance ritual on, there’s an alternative. Fatbiking. Snow-friendly tires. Algonquin Park trails. It looks pretty awesome. Braving the cold would be worth it to give it a go at least once.

Go fatbiking at Algonquin Park.

2. Although avid cross-country skiers may not make as much noise advocating their pastime as the thrill-seeking snow bunnies do, this traditional winter sport has fans aplenty in Ontario, and the trails to accommodate them. Check it: Ontario Parks Ski Report.

Go cross-country skiing in Ontario.

3. Maple syrup. One of those tastes that often falls into the love it or hate it category. If you’re one of its lovers, a few places are still open, leaving you a bit of time left to get in on the sticky sweet action. 

Tap that Maple Syrup before it's gone.