Can 7 Personality Quizzes Design Your Ideal Getaway?

One day in summer you hop on a moped and find yourself in an eco hotel in Australia. Though you eat donuts and drink straight liquor and be merry, you also while away the hours windsurfing. The following day arrives and it’s time to head out...  

If you have a touch of self-obsession, an appreciation for frivolous fun, and a pinch of desire to burn through time in pursuit of a trivial end, (an end which, oddly, will fill you with the sweet satisfaction of completion) then you're in the right place. 
Also, if you've been asked to describe your dream getaway for English class, an online bio, or a college application and you have zero ideas, you can use this badboy as your jumping-off point. 

Fill in the blanks of this paragraph using the results from the personality quizzes below:
One day in (season) you hop on a (mode of transport) and find yourself in a (type of accommodation) in (destination). Though you’ll eat (food) and drink (beverage) and be merry, you also while away the hours (activity). .

Pass the Cheez Whiz. Each quiz needs personality. 
Method: What type of "____________" best suits your personality must be the gist of each quiz. 

1. Season: 
Try What mode of transportation fits your personality? on Playbuzz

3. Accommodations:
Try What type of hotel matches your travel personality? by Trip Advisor

4. Destination: 
Try Which country best suits your personality? by the BBC or Which country best fits your personality on brainfall or What Country Best Suits Your Personality? by Buzzfeed

5. Food: 
Try What Food Matches Your Personality? on Buzzfeed

6. Drink:
Try What drink are you? on Playbuzz or What kind of drink are you? on QuizRocket

7. Activity: 
Try Which Outdoor Activity Is Your Destiny? on Playbuzz

What do you reckon? 
The following day arrives and it’s time to head out. Have you 
a) already cancelled your return (mode of transport) because there’s no way you’re leaving already. This trip is a dream come true.
Nailed it!

b) already packed and jumped on your (mode of transport) because you’ve gotten all you can out of this experience. Time to move on.
Almost had it, but then missed it completely.

At the end of the road, I'm happy with with my little personality paragraph. Plus, I learned a ton about Australia along the way (yeah, it was due to getting stuck in a massive Google loop, but I'm getting better at avoiding them. Fingers crossed. Wait. I think that should've been cross my heart, but I digress. Here's my results breakdown.

1. Season: Summer (Hell yeah.)

2. Mode of transport: Moped (I'm cool with it. Have travelled on a scooter &  a dirt bike, but never a moped, per se.)

3. Accommodations: Eco Hotel (I like the idea. I admit I'm suspicious of which places may actually be eco and which places are keeping up appearances for trend's sake.)

4. Destination: Australia (Interesting as I got this on two quizzes which surprised me because although I'm into the experience, it's not one I equated with dream. The more I research the more intrigued I am. Bumping it up on the to-do list.)

5. Food: Donut (Ew.)

6. Drink: Straight Liquor (Whisky, darlin'.)

7. Activity: Windsurfing (Love to give it a go.)