Tuff Stuff

Boxing Gloves, Title Classic, Red, Black, White, Grey

When I was 4 years old I loaded a handmade pink loop knit cardigan, a bag of regular Hostess potato chips, a 12-pack of colored markers, 200 see-through plastic bingo chips, and black boxing gloves into my yellow and orange Tuff Stuff shopping cart and wheeled it everywhere I went around the house. Supremely satisfied with having everything I could possible need at my finger tips, I rolled boldly into the living room and stopped in front of the TV, declaring, “When grow up, I’m going to live out of my shopping cart. It carries everything, and I’ll never be stuck in one place.”  Both the volume and the length of their collective response flushed my face red. After the unanimous outburst of laughter, the subsequent reasoning subsided, I realized one important thing that day. There were two choices: Toughen up or keep your dreams to yourself.

Me in Edinburgh and Tuff Stuff Shopping Cart Toy on eBay
It turns out I don’t have any photos of myself at 4, so here’s one of me right around my 3rd birthday in my auntie’s backyard in Edinburgh. Found the exact cart for sale on eBay, Tuff Stuff by Mattel. (Nope, not the actual gloves at top either. 0 for 3, I certainly struck out on photos tonight.)

Although I still love the cart, experience has taught me it lacks practicality for impromptu trekking. I’ve been fixated on getting this trench coat for a while (18 pockets! I could hit the road without a backpack.) But I don’t think what I what I really want exists yet. I want a coat like this that turns into a bag with the pockets still accessible (yeah, SCOTTeVEST had a bag coat combo before, but not one that you can use without shifting your stuff out of the pockets). I'd love to be wrong so if there is a one like that out there, I’d be much obliged if you drop a comment and let me know.

18-pocket trench coat by SCOTTEeVEST
Women's trench coat with 18 pockets